Mason & Hamlin makes a mean piano.

A custom retrofit keyboard that I made at Pianotek Supply for a 1932 Mason & Hamlin AA.

M&Hs are awesome pianos and have been for a very longtime. I've rebuilt several vintage ones, tuned at dealers of new ones, and have even made custom retrofit keyboards and actions for some pretty outstanding M&H pianos. Theirs is a reputation which was earned during a time-period when piano design and manufacturing was an important component of worldwide industry and culture. From their innovative concept of a" tension resonator", to their current development of high-tech composite-material parts, they have continued to be on the forefront of the piano's technological evolution. The concept behind why I optimize the location of a vintage piano's balance rail as to correct for geometry issues was pioneered by an old-school engineer from M&H back-in-the-day. I really like the M&H piano company, and so did Steinway at one point. They tried to buy them! My only advice... if you own one... new or vintage... especially if you live around Detroit... is to make sure to get a good tech that knows a lot about them. ;-)

Restored Vintage Mason & Hamlin model A.