reyburn PIANOWORKs

The Reyburn family has been active in the piano tuning and rebuilding trades for over 40 years. With two generations of RPT’s, three avid & skilled woodworkers and engineers covering software, materials, mechanical, computer, network, and electrical engineering skills, not to mention one expert machinist. We are also a family of musicians, everyone having taken years of piano, and play various instruments including (but not limited to) violin, viola, ukulele, harmonica, saxophone and clarinet.

Reyburn Pianoworks inherited the custom keyboard making techniques, systems, tools, skills, and traditions from our predecessor Detroit Pianoworks.

We are constantly engaged in the piano's centuries-old technical culture at the highest level and work hard to preserve and enhance it by utilizing a blend of old-world craftsmanship and today's most cutting-edge technology.

Dean and Nate Reyburn, RPTs are experienced and professional piano technicians working not only as concert level technicians but supply the highest quality tools to the piano technician trade. In addition to piano tuning, regulation and rebuilding, Reyburn Pianoworks’ keyboard building tradition is trusted by many of the world’s most highly regarded musical institutions, concert venues, recording studios and piano rebuilders for expertise in the design and fabrication of custom piano actions for their most prized vintage instruments.

  • Dean Reyburn, RPT spent decades as the Steinway and Yamaha piano technician for West Michigan. Dean was also concert tuner for DeVos hall and other venues in West Michigan for over 25 years. An avid woodworker since high school and fine cabinet maker, Dean’s piano tech specialty is rebuilding and restoring grand piano actions and has 40 plus years experience working on pianos. Dean both manages and works in the Reyburn Pianoworks shop building keyboards. Dean is also lead software engineer for Reyburn CyberTuner. Dean makes his home in both Cedar Springs, Michigan (with three or more pianos) and Nokomis Florida with his wife Marty.

  • Nate Reyburn, RPT is a graduate of the prestigious North Bennet Street School two year piano technology course in Boston and has 15 years experience working on pianos. Nate has expertise in CAD, CNC, materials, and mechanical engineering and makes piano tuning tools for the trade - see www.reyburntools.com. In addition to servicing his own piano clientele, Nate is a skilled woodworker and machinist and runs his own shop separate from Reyburn Pianoworks in Cedar Springs Michigan. Nate helps manage and works as a keyboard maker in RPW. Nate lives in Kent City Michigan with his wife Bethann and three daughters.

  • Aaron Reyburn was a Sergeant in the US Marines for 8 years where his MOS was LAAD gunner and US embassy security guard. Aaron is an artist, musician and skilled woodworker with many years experience. Aaron works as a keyboard maker for RPW and has been accepted as a student at the prestigious North Bennett Street School (NBSS) in Boston. Aaron is a PTG Associate Member and is working toward RPT status. Aaron lives with his wife Heather in Sparta, Michigan.

  • Noah Reyburn has a bachelors degree (summa cum laude) in Electrical Engineering Technology with a minor in Computer Engineering from Ferris State University in Michigan. Noah was a Sergeant in the USMC and spent four years in the US Marines. He works on the CyberTuner project as a software engineer, as a consultant to Reyburn Pianoworks for Computer Aided Design software and helps maintain RPW’s specialized keyboard manufacturing equipment. Noah lives in Weidman, Michigan with his wife Stacy and two sons.

  • Andrew Reyburn has a bachelors degree in Network Engineering Technology from Ferris State University. Andrew works part time in the RPW shop supporting our computers, network and electrical systems including a number of custom pneumatic and other machines. Andrew is still a student at Ferris and is working on his Electrical Engineering degree.

  • Richard Cromwell is a PTG associate member with 20 years of piano tech experience and 10 years experience as a Master Craftsman piano key maker. Richard is exclusive consultant to Reyburn Pianoworks for acoustic piano key making, and has probably designed more custom retrofit keyboards than anyone on the planet. He enjoys exploring the latest digital design and rapid prototyping methods and has a A.A.S. in Technological Sciences focusing in CAD and an A.G.S. in General Studies. Richard lives in Troy, Michigan, with his wife, two young daughters, two cats, and a piano.

    Reyburn Pianoworks is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reyburn Piano Service, Inc.

To become a piano tuner of the highest skill, many things are necessary; but what may be lacking at the outset may be acquired by study and practice.
— J. Cree Fischer, "Piano Tuning", 1907