Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Having to deal with the devastation of a house fire is terrible burden. With Detroit Pianoworks coordinating the restoration of your cherished piano, you can rest assured our team is committed to making the process as stress free and rewarding as possible.

In order for your piano to to survive a fire you need a team of knowledgeable and experienced technicians to properly address the damage caused by fire, water and the disaster clean-up crews.

We are Southeast Michigan's leading experts in piano fire and smoke damage restoration. Time is of the essence, so call today! 


What to Do with a Smoke Damaged Piano

Do not touch the piano with bare hands. The smoke is toxic and may impinge the touched surfaces as your finger oils react with the residue. If you must touch the piano, wear latex surgical gloves. Do not attempt to wipe and clean the instrument. Using the incorrect product(s) can and will leave undesirable results. Contact your piano technician making him or her aware of the nature and condition regarding your piano.  Proper assessment of the damages will help your piano professionals serve you in an expedient manner. 

Survey the damages and provide the following information according to this check list:

  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • Piano's Manufactured name and age (a serial number would be helpful)
  • Time and date of the fire
  • Location of the fire:, bedroom, basement, etc.
  • Location of the piano at time of fire
  • Insurance Company name and adjuster's name with phone number
  • Your piano technicians name and telephone number
  • Whether or not the piano was touched by flame