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Everything you need to keep your piano's Dampp-Chaser system clean and functioning properly for TWO YEARS!!!

Includes: (Double what is pictured)

  • (2) 16oz. bottles of  Humidifier Treatment
    • Dampp-Chaser's humidifier additive is formulated to reduce mineral build-up and bacterial growth. Keeps the watering tube clean and clear, and prolongs humidifier pad effectiveness.
  • (8) Replacement Humidifier Pads
    • These are replacements for the pads used by your system to wick water up from the tank across the humidifier heater bar. We recommend replacing pads twice a year, or when mineral deposits render them ineffective.
  • (4) Tank Liners
    • This is a replacement black plastic liner that protects the interior of the water tank.
  • (2) Heater bar "Clean Sleeves"
    • These are the clear plastic sleeves that go over your humidifier's hear bar protecting it from mineral build up.
  • Includes full and detailed instructions for changing your pads, liners, and sleeves - OR - You could just have your technician install everything during your piano's next service appointment!


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