C.F.T. 1885 Grand Piano Plate Print (Limited Edition/Signed)

C.F.T. 1885 Grand Piano Plate Print (Limited Edition/Signed)


20" X 15" Image on 22" X17" paper

High Quality Giclée print on archival, acid free art paper with a spectacular hand applied varnish finish.

Published in a limited edition of 50 signed by the artist.

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This piece is based upon the original patent drawing for a cast-iron piano frame submitted by C.F.T. Steinway to the U.S. Patent Office on March 3rd, 1885.

Christian Friedrich Theodor Steinweg, anglicized name C.F. Theodore Steinway, (November 6, 1825, in Seesen – March 26, 1889, in Brunswick), piano maker, and the eldest son of the famous piano maker and piano company founder, Henry E. Steinway.

C.F. Theodore Steinway was one of the most innovative inventors and patent holders in the history of the piano: more than 45 patents originate from his development work.

This 3-dimensional expression of C.F.T. Steinway's 2-dimensional patent drawing was created by piano technician/digital artist Richard Cromwell as a testament to his respect of Theodore's tremendous contribution to the technical development of the piano.