Cristofori 1726 Style Action Model Print (Limited Edition/Signed)

Cristofori 1726 Style Action Model Print (Limited Edition/Signed)


20" X 15" Image on 22" X17" art paper

High Quality Giclée print on archival, acid free art paper with a hand applied varnish finish.

Published in a limited edition of 50 signed by the artist.

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Here is a rendering of a 3d computer model I created of a piano action-model in the style of  the piano's founder, Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731). It is largely based on his spectacular 1726 grand which is housed at the Musikinstrumenten-Museum of Leipzig University.

In addition to the technically accurate model, the scene is set with a scroll detailing the plans for the 1726 instrument's frame as well as the action's design as diagrammed by Scipione Meffei in the Giornale de'Letterati d'Italia in 1711. The room containing the scene is based on a real 17th century Italian parlor. With additional details including a collection of 17th century Italian gold coins and a portion of the actual fallboard inscription from Cristofori's 1726 instrument.